​Elizabeth M. Marietti, MSW, LCSW, LLC invites you to come and participate in healing at our private psychotherapy offices in Scottsdale, Arizona. Elizabeth is committed to supportive wellness resources for individuals, couples, children, and teens. She offers standard individualized outpatient therapy.​

Elizabeth provides therapy for trauma, trauma resolution, anxiety and depression, addiction/recovery, spirituality, family, couples, and child/teenage concerns. She is also an expert in grief counseling. Her approach centers in the belief that each person innately possesses inner wisdom that heals the collective core. This inner language presents solutions granting the capacity for full healing and wellness.​​

Providing a safe, nurturing, and insightful environment is Elizabeth’s goal, thus allowing people to reignite their inner spirit and to integrate their soul with living their best lives.
“Let nothing dim the light that shines from within."​

--Maya Angelou

  Elizabeth Marietti, MSW, LCSW